St. John's Cathedral - Jacksonville Florida
The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
The Very Rev. Katherine Moorehead, Dean of Florida
Timothy Tuller, Canon for Music
Sunday, May 12, 2013 - Hymnal 1982 
Ascension Sunday

10:30am - Holy Eucharist
Cathedral Choir
Prelude Olivier Messiaen
Excerpt from "L'Ascension (The Ascension)"
1) Alleluias sereins d’une âme qui désire le ciel 
("Serene alleluias of a soul that longs for heaven")
Introit Arthur Hutchings God is gone up
Hymn tune: Llanfair #214 "Hail the day that sees him rise, Alleluia!"
Psalmchant: John Goss
#47 "O clap your hands together, all ye people"
Hymn tune: St. Botoph #603 "When Christ was lifted from the earth"
Alleluia and Verse Mode viii Alleluia
Rebecca Andrews, lay cantor
Offering Ralph Vaughan Williams
O Clap Your Hands
Hymn tune: Decatur Place#51, verses 1 & 2 "We the Lord's People"
Sanctus Richard Proulx
(b 1937)
#S125 (from "A Community Mass")
Acclamation adapted Bruce E Ford
(b 1947)
Fraction adapted Mason Martens
(b 1933)
CommunionOlivier MessiaenExcerpt from "L'Ascension (The Ascension)"
1) Prière du Christ montant vers son Père 
("Prayer of Christ ascending towards his Father")
Communion Everett Titcomb
Sing ye to the Lord
(Carl Fischer CM440)
Hymn tune: Duke Street#544 "Jesus shall reign where'er the sun"
Postlude Olivier Messiaen Excerpt from "L'Ascension (The Ascension)"
1) Transports de joie d'une âme devant la gloire du Christ qui est la sienne 
("Outbursts of joy before the glory of Christ, which is its own glory")

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